Namaste Beautiful People

We are all experiencing an epic time for transitioning. Humanity is shutting down into a state of enforced hibernation. 

May we consciously and courageously embrace it as a retreat for the good of one and all.

We are being presented with an opportunity to stop, see, listen and sense what is good.

May you harness your energy...Be well, Be calm, Be safe, Be aware, Be gentle with yourself - Be caring to those around you - Be happy for being alive.


Lift your spirit with joyful thoughts and more laughter.

Grow your faith and allow love to fortify your immune system.

Let us align with the gifts that are beyond this crisis and may we see farther afield to the wellbeing of all sentient beings.


In the interests of all concerned, we respectfully pause all our retreats until further notice.

Please rest assured that we will in contact with proposed dates in due course.

Always with love and abundant blessings to you and yours,

Upcoming Retreats & Events

Consciously Courageously Creating Retreats are for those wanting to create a happy life. 

Ubud, Bali is a 'Kaleidoscope of colourful life.'  

There is a constant buzz of daily activities beckoning you to discover the depths and riches of this exotic island.

This is a culture that is embedded with ancient traditions and mythologies which continue to be practised through daily ceremonies.              

The Balinese live a humble, simple and contented lifestyle founded on their spiritual values and generosity of heart.  

Bali is truly 'The Island of the Gods'.  

Be prepared to be stirred, awakened and gifted to the vortex of energies at play here, it is a playground of diversity. 

Bali will present you with exactly that which you seek and you will be gifted beyond all expectations.

Are you ready?

To be advised
To be advised

Mauritius is "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean"

She is a true utopia.

The island is blessed with pristine turquoise lagoons of crystal clear waters. It's coastline encrusted with coral reefs that create a safe haven for all aquatic delights.

Her inner terrain is a playground of tropical World-Heritage listed mountains, exotic flora and fauna.

Mauritius is now blazing a path toward conscious living and sustainability which presents an abundance of resources to enhance a state of wellbeing and happiness - 'Joie de Vivre'.

This hotspot is the new word for wellness.

"Amo la Toscana e l'Umbria, L'italia"  

"I love Tuscany and Umbria, Italy" 

There are thousands of words that can be used to paint a seductive picture of Tuscany and Umbria;

love, gelato, laughter, wine, truffles, sun-kissed vineyards, cheeses, ancient frescos, Vespas, pasta, olives, Duomos...


They do little justice to the beauty, historic and cultural richness that is the heartbeat of this country.

Here you will experience abundance - 'Abbondanza' 

the unlimited  Joys of Living - 'Gioia di Vivere'

Every cobbled step on the path presents you with ancient architecture, art, gastronomic delights, exquisite fashions, the best coffee, pastries & gelato in the world.

Would you like to be doing what you love, what rocks your boat and lights you up?

Would you like to create the quality of life that wakes you up with passion? 

Would you like to generate more ease, fun, health and happiness?

If that's a 'YES'  echoing, whispering or shouting within you.

Then you have attracted this and this is for you.

Stop, Listen and ACT NOW.

Join us in co-creating your extraordinary life.

To be advised

Come join our  'OZ  Dreamtime'  journey. 

Discover and experience your ability to create your life by first dreaming it into being. The mythology of Dreamtime is of how the world was created, as shared by the Aboriginal people.

We will travel the sacred sites of the Mt. Warning areas which encompasses the worlds oldest subtropical rainforests. These mountains hold a vortex of energies forged by ancient volcanoes more than 23 million years ago. 

This sacred land is known for healing, transforming and renewing whole body, mind and spirit.

To be advised

Are you ready TO

 reboot your mind  

rejuvenate your body & renew your life?


Then come join us on these extraordinary life journeys beginning 2021 in Mauritius 

Portrait of Marie-Noelle O'Neill

Lela Thomas

Access Consciousness Facilitator

The Bars Certification

Access Body Processes -

Energetic FaceLift Facilitator 

Liz Gillman



Nutrition Consultant

Marie-Noelle O'Neill

Dip. Transpersonal Counseling

DreamBuilder Coach

Life Mastery Consultant

Psych K Facilitator

Mary Jane Newman

Advanced EFT Practitioner

Acorn Principle Life Coach

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

META-Health Practitioner

Rhonda James

International Yoga teacher

Freelance Writer

Project Manager

Master of Ceremonies


Our world today is moving at an accelerated pace of global change and with that comes much uncertainty.

It’s a time of energetic, economic, environmental and consciousness change -which we refer to as an ‘evolutionary transformation'.  


Within each one of us is a call to consciously and courageously step forward as the co-creators of the life we truly desire.   

To live an extraordinary life of happiness.

Are you ready to be the architect of your life?

Would you like to create the life you want?

Would you like to live your life by conscious design - rather than by unconscious default?

Would you like to wake up each morning feeling happier?

Are you ready for more love, fun & joy?



Then this is for you.