Portrait of Marie-Noelle O'Neill

Marie-Noelle O'Neill

"You are the co-creator of your life, as you think it to be"  Marie-Noelle O'Neill

Marie-Noelle is a certified Transpersonal Counsellor, DreamBuilder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant experienced in individual and group work for both women and men.

She allows her natural compassion and intuitive insight to enhance her unique treatment style that is both uplifting and transformational.

Marie-Noelle has been instrumental in helping many individuals find clarity, balance and happiness in their personal and professional lives. She guides her clients through a journey of discovery and ultimately self-mastery. Her 'Mary Poppins' bag of modalities can be best described as tools and strategies for creating freedom and joy - 'Joie de Vivre'

These powerful programs are crafted to bring greater clarity about 'what truly brings you happiness - what rocks your boat and brings you joy'.

These retreats are for women and men of all ages. We gather together in a small group to experience and grow new skills, strategies and practices that can enhance the quality of our life with greater simplicity and ease.   

Receive the gift of Marie-Noelle's pocket book '11 Ways to Master Your Life':


Portrait of Mary Jane Newman



Portrait of Liz Gillman

Liz Gillman

“Great Health Starts Within”  - Liz Gillman

Before studying Natural Medicine Liz was a Nurse for many years.  

Whilst she valued her nursing experience and has a healthy respect for western medicine, she decided to change her professional path and became a Naturopath. 

Liz believes that there is so much more to being healthy and well than just the absence of symptoms.                                    "Spirit mind and body are interconnected and all require nourishing for us to be well"

Liz takes time to listen to how you are feeling and most importantly 'how you would like to feel'.  She channels her deeply caring nature and fascination of physiology in a holistic way, so as to empower you with better health that is tailored to safely support and nourish.

The Naturopathic approach Liz takes includes a wide range of resources:

  • Nutritional recommendations; simple ways to use food as medicine

  • Lifestyle suggestions to participate in your own health care

  • Creation of a clear plan that is specific in supporting and maintaining or restoring your precious wellness of being.

Liz's accreditations can be accessed on:   www.lizgillman.com

Mary Jane Newman

 "I believe the mind, body, spirit and social aspects of life are all connected and are at their best when in healthy harmonious balance" -  Mary Jane Newman


Mary Jane is a spirited, energetic, animated and loving person, also known as Babe Grylls to some because of her love of adventure, the outdoors and doing things a bit out of the ordinary. She is passionate about vitality, happiness, health and wellness, at home, at work and everywhere we go about our daily lives. This is evident and supported by the approach she incorporates into her work, these include Meta-Health, EFT, Ayurveda and Nutrition. 

Mary Jane is a dedicated practitioner of disciplines, which combined empower those she works with, both individually and in group settings.


At the heart, Mary Jane's approach is to guide and support her clients in achieving their unique version of balanced health and happiness. Therefore, she supports each individual towards finding the answers and resolve they seek.                

Mary Jane guides you through your own personal odyssey to health and beyond. Every session is professionally crafted towards rebalancing your health, wellbeing and lifestyle one small step at a time, so that you can feel your best and love your life. Her work is integrative and holistic.


Mary Jane believes  “Everyone has within them the potential to experience and sustainably live with the vitality, energy and confidence they desire in their health and wellness. 

There is so much more that is accredited to Mary Jane’s skillset   www.maryjanenewman.com

Portrait of Rhonda James
Portrait of Lela Thomas

Lela Thomas

"I love my life - Life is more fun and joyful than it has ever been"  -  Lela Thomas

It is such a gift to realise that I had been choosing from my perception for most of my life. 

Like so many, I made choices that looked like it was the only way to make life work.

Over the years, I attracted amazing teachers into my life.  My Being enjoys the sacred healing arts of life;  Yoga Teacher; Meditation;  Eternal Breath,  Advanced Energy Healing; Reiki Master Teacher; Trager;   LightTouch;  Feldenkrais;  QXCI; Inner Focus Minister; Cranial Sacral and much more.


In 2012 I discovered something more -'Access Consciousness'. I began facilitating the tools of consciousness through the brilliance of the founders Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

What I bring now are the gifts of my being and the tools of  consciousness. 


Wow... just when you think life is on the fizzle!  Let me tell you "THAT's the biggest lie out there"  

The juice of life is always for the choosing!  - What else is possible? 

How does it get even better than this?

There is so much more to Lela, check out:


Rhonda James

"Moving your body creates energetic flow, ease, freedom, connection and health within" -  Rhonda James


Hatha yoga teaching is one of my greatest passions.

Yoga is perfect for strengthening, stretching and flexibility. Yoga also increases fitness, focus, sleep quality, cardiovascular health and relaxation.

My classes entail both vinyasa and yin yoga. Throughout the class, I explain the correct placement and the benefits of each pose, giving attention to each individual's needs. I also integrate the gentle practise of pranayama meditation, which is a holistic integration of body, mind and soul. 


I have a professional background in project management, law, marriage celebrancy and freelance writing.