Tuscany & Umbria, Italy  'Abbondanza'

To be advised

'Abbondanza'  means Abundance.

Italy is a country overflowing with an abundance of heart centred experiences to be enjoyed.

Our Italy retreat is themed on all the joy that is ever-present and available for everyone of us.

Journeying through Tuscany and Umbria is centred on consciously shifting your state of mind, body and spirit towards attracting what your heart most desires to come into your life.

Abundance of Fun

Abundance of Rejuvenation

Abundance of Energy

Abundance of Ease

Abundance of Delights

Abundance of O......

Abundance of Money

There is abundance all around and available for us to receive...

Albeit, at times not evident, unseen and somewhat unattainable!


We have been running unconscious programmes that were implemented in our early formative years.

These programs may be so deeply seeded that they are out of our consciousness, we have no awareness of them. This is when the unconscious is in the driver's seat of our thoughts, beliefs, choices, actions and ultimately our happiness!

That is why we repeatedly find ourselves struggling and desperately chasing what we so deeply desire, with no success!

Are you feeling stuck?

Do you recognise a repeated pattern of lack and scarcity?

Do you see life passing you by with a sense of unfulfillment and unhappiness? 

This does not have to be.

You can choose to free yourself and enJOY  an extraordinary life, right NOW.

Come join us in creating, experiencing and receiving more abundance in your life. 

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Orvieto in Umbria is an ancient city revealing secrets and riches from the Etruscans and Roman eras.

On this 'Abbondanza' retreat, you will be presented with experiences that will activate and elevate all your senses to expand and raise your state of present awareness. 

We have designed these 14 days as a journey of awakening and reclaiming your state of JOY and HAPPINESS.

You will discover and ramp up what you are passionate about?   What truly rocks your boat?   What lights you up?   


You will begin your path of Self-Mastery by

*. Rebooting your mind;  learn leading edge practices and strategies that create solutions 

*  Reframing and rewiring your consciousness;  delete old programs that hold you imprisoned by past limitations,          beliefs, pain and fear

*  Rejuvenate your body;  understand the skill and practise of directing your energy into a better state of ease and flow

*  Renewing your spirit;  BEing in alignment with all that you want and freeing yourself of doubt. 

This is where you step into being the architect of your life and co-creating what you want by design.

Join us in the art and science of Consciously Courageously Creating your life as you dream it to be, and it will BE.


The all-inclusive price of the retreat.  TBA

Please check back in a few days. We are crafting the very best package for you right now.










In your best interest we recommend that you arrange your own return airfare and insurance.  

This will give you the freedom to extend your stay or travel to other nearby destinations in Europe.

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